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TPR Material

The Get Long Legs insole is made of very comfortable TRP, a combination of caoutchouc and thermoplastic material.  This material is also often used in the food industry.

TPR is recyclable, durable and non-toxic. It's tearproof, stays in shape and doesn't smell.

4 cm taller

Experience a new self-esteem with 4 cm longer body size. Longer legs, better posture, better self-esteem.

Recommended by stylists from Milano, Paris and New York. Stop missing out the taller side of life.

clean & washable

Keeping it clean: wash-fast at 40 degrees and durable. Ready to go with the travel bag. Take your Get Long Legs insole with you wherever you go.

Pack the insole in the practical travel bag for weekend- or businesstrips. 

100% comfort

Maximum comfort for your feet. The Get Long Legs insole is soft, non-slip, ultimately flexible and has a high extensibility. Even long walks, long nights and city tours are finally comfortable.

One size. For men and women.